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Welcome to HDFFA's store. All of our products are tried and tested by our staff and are sure to please anyone. If you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to contact us at info@hdffa.org.


Why Choose Us?

Our items support HDFFA's mission to encourage a healthy and thriving food and farm network in Central Oregon through education, collaboration and inclusivity.

We believe that local food should be accessible to everyone, and that our food connects us to each other.

We aspire to be an organization that is equitable, diverse and inclusive in our services and programs, and as an imperativein our everyday activities and operations. We honor the variety of cultural perspectives that are present in Central Oregon, seek toovercome food access and health disparities, and embrace diversity. We are committed to building a sustainable and just food systemin Central Oregon recognizing that advancing these values is ever evolving.

I support local growers every chance I get which is why I buy from High Desert Food & Farm Alliance.

Imogene Mayfield

Local farmer/grower

About Us

Katrina Van Dis

Executive Director

The High Desert Food & Farm Alliance is an amazing organization that has grown slow and steady and listened to the community’s needs and incorporated these into our programs. We continue to improve and refine our strengths, our programs, and our focus for a more inclusive and equitable food system. Using collaboration with partners as our compass and guiding light for what is truly needed to develop the food system, we will continue to work tirelessly to improve what works and drop what doesn’t so that over time our impact on the Central Oregon food system will be felt and experienced by everyone.


We are located in beautiful Bend Oregon!


354 NE Greenwood Ave., Suite 205 Bend, OR